Lilcracka Polar Fleece Dog Coat 80cm Blue Line

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These coats are made to last with quality materials and bindings and NO Velcro fastenings.
Measuring Your Dog: Please refer to our Measuring Guide


Our Warm Ploar Fleece Dog coats will keep your dog warm and snuggly on winter days.
This Coat features a warm 280 grams polar fleece.
This is a strong wearing dog coat offering high warmth. Ideal for use indoors and sheltered situations
Ensure a great fit with multiple sizes to choose from our rug sizes increase in just 5cm intervals ranging from 25cm to 85cm.
Standard Coat Features:
• 280gsm Polar Fleece to keep your pet warm. 
• Reinforced buckle up chest strap
• Rump darts, for a snug fit
• Neck section attached with buckle fastening
• Belly Surcingle/s with Plastic Buckles for durability (no Velcro)
Machine Washable, Please put your coat inside an old Pillow case to protect your machine and ensure all buckles are done up while washing
Ideal for pets who:
Live inside or have shelter from rain
Dogs in a cold Climate
Dogs that feel the cold – I have seen them shiver
Older Dogs
Dogs having trouble getting about due to Injury or Illness
Dogs eat more when they are cold.
Have a skin Irritation
Sizes Available:
Coat sizes 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, - Plastic Belly Buckles
Coat sizes 45cm, 50cm, 55cm, 60cm, 65cm, 70cm, 75cm, 80cm, 85cm – Metal Belly Buckles

Measuring for a Lilcracka Coat

Make sure your pet is standing Squarely with head up while measuring.
Determine the length of your pet’s body by measuring between the base of neck (where the neck joins the body/Withers) and the Base of the Tail along the spine.

This measurement is the length of coat required to fit your pet.



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Great coat

By: on 14 June 2016
I got this coat for my Great Dane to wear inside during the night. It is very well made, and he gets excited when I put it on him, so its apparently also very comfortable. His back measured 82/83cm so I decided to go for the 85cm coat to be safe, the coat (back part only) measures 87cm laying flat so Lilcracka do add extra fabric. If your dog is also between measurements and not a wide build I'd recommend going to the smaller size, even adjusted as small as it will go its still too big around his neck, front of his chest and very long around his bum and sides. These coats definitely suit all breeds because of just how much you can adjust them, It does have a decent amount of stretch too. Saying that it's too big it still actually fits pretty well, it slips back a bit but not nothing too bad, it doesn't get caught, nor does he get urine or excrement on it which was my fear with it being a bit big. I will note I awoke this morning to find he had chewed the front chest part pretty bad, so if your dog also likes to chew on fabric, I'd recommend going with the tougher winter coat. Though I do also think if it fit him properly he wouldn't have been able to chew it like he did, I'll do my best to make it work for now, but I'll definitely be back to order the 80cm coat. These coats are awesome. Hopefully my review is helpful.

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