Vet/Dry Bedding

All of our bedding is Premium Quality English Vet/Dry Bedding

Lineal Meter - Bedding width is 1.54m (backed area) 1.6m in total. 

  • Our Plush Vet Bedding is 26mm deep pile with 1800 GLM (grams per lineal Meter) Gives you a dense Quality Product.
  • Double cross woven which makes it hard for your pet to rip up ensuring a longer lasting bed.
  • Green Autoclave backing to help keep the Liquid away from your Precious Fur Kids.
  • Non-allergenic, non-toxic, non-irritant and does not support bacterial growth, fleas etc.
  • It is hypoallergenic and is suitable for use with all animals and even animals/people who suffer with allergies
  • Vetbed is hygienic due to the way it is produced - interwoven with no ability for any dirt to stay trapped in the fabric thereby producing a clean product after every wash
  • Resistant to permanent staining
  • Great for Animals requiring hospitalization and pre or postoperative care, suitable for whelping boxes, trolleys, crates, Flight Crates, Car Travel and More
  • Whelping puppies or kittens where hygiene, warmth, comfort and security are vital - Keep your Babies dry for extended periods - liquids pass through our Vet/Dry bed. (can put news paper, cloth, Towels or paper towel underneath to soak up the liquid) It also enables good Grip for Puppies/Kittens enabling them to get up on their feet quickly.
  • Vet Bed Drains and Dries Quickly.
  • Comfort for incontinent pets, disabled pets or pets with arthritic joints
  • Comfort for animals sleeping on a hard surface
  • Shipping puppies or kittens to their new homes
  • Easy to Cut to size in your home.
  • Vetbed is extremely durable and long lasting, it is not unheard of for this product to last over ten years. (NB. this product will flatten down a bit after repeated washing - shaking out after washing while still wet will keep the pile higher.