Hot Weather and your Pet

Author: Kay Holmes   Date Posted:11 January 2017 

Hot Weather and your Pet.

With the recent hot weather Australia has been experiencing, we have put together some tips on what pet owners can do to keep their fluffy, furry and feathered friends cool over the next few months.

  • Supply fresh cold water in the shade
  • Make ice blocks of appropriate size for your pet to play with or Lay with to cool down as they require.
  • Ensure your pet has shade all day and only exercise early in the early morning or very late in the evening.
  • Wipe your pet down with a cool towel or leave wet towels for your pet to lie on Microfiber Towels are great for this as they absorb twice the amount of water compared to regular towels. Lilcracka stock Microfiber towels ready for Immediate Dispatch.
  • Offer your pet a Lilcracka Self Cooling Mat to lay on as they please.  A large range of pets love our cooling mats from Rats & Guinea Pigs to Cats/ Kittens, Dogs/Puppies and even Livestock.    All our Cooling mats are in stock Ready for Immediate Dispatch. 
  • Put a cooling coat on your pet. Lilcracka have Chamois Cooling Coats in stock ready for Immediate Dispatch.
  • Use a Cooling Collar for your pet, also available in stock at Lilcracka ready for Immediate Dispatch.
  • Do not use ice cold water to Dampen your Coat/Towels etc.  Use normal Cool tap water as if the pet cools too quickly, they can go into shock
  • Cats – rub damp hands over their coat or along their tummy
  • Cats don’t like water generally so BE CAREFUL if wetting them down. It may stress them more than the heat.
  • Place a fan on the floor pointing away from your pet, if they want to they will go towards it.
  • Keep animals quiet and in a room with cool surfaces such as tiled floors. Provide a bed so they have an option of somewhere comfortable to sit if they wish.
  • Consider a shell/wading pool for your dog; many love to lie down in the water. Place it in the shade.
  • NEVER leave your pet in a Car or on a Ute/Truck on hot days.

Signs of Heat Stress

All animals can be affected by heat stress.

Symptoms include excessive salivating, weakness, lethargy, shaking, dry nose and gums, whining and constant panting.

If pets exhibit these symptoms, a vet should be consulted immediately.

Guinea Pigs and Rabbits are very susceptible to heat, keeping them cool in summer is Vital.  

Animals with a Heart Condition, Overweight, Brachycephalic (short Nosed) Breeds or Excessively Active Pets are more likely to fall victim to Heatstroke but it can easily happen to any pet, young or old.

Some cat/dog breeds are more predisposed to heat-related illnesses. Dogs and Cats that are most likely to suffer from heat stress are those with pre-existing breathing problems and short-nosed breeds such as Persian, Himalayan, and Burmese Cats Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs, Pekingese, Boxers, Cavaliers, Bostons, Shih Tzu and Dogue De Bordeaux Dogs to name a few.

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