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Author: Kay   Date Posted:27 February 2016 

Welcome to Lilcracka Pet Supplies First Blog

Lilcracka Pet Supplies is a family Owned and Operated Pet Product company based in Queensland Australia.

Our motto is When only the best will do”.  We create and Source only the highest quality products which are sure to please both yourself, and your Customers.  We are consistently creating and sourcing new and exciting products to bring to you at very reasonable prices.

We currently retail via our Website and Wholesale our products so don’t be afraid to ask your local pet shop, Groomer, Produce Store, Vet or Boarding Kennel to enquire with us if you would like to purchase locally.  This has great Benefits as you get to feel, touch and size your fur kids accurately and can pop in to their store any time to update your Lilcracka Products.

Keep checking back we are consistently adding new and exciting products for your enjoyment.


Lilcracka Pet Supplies

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Indestructible Dog Bed.

By: on 9 May 2024
We have one of Lil Cracka’s indestructible dog beds and it is the best bed we have ever had. One boy likes to dig/nest before he curls up on it before he has his naps in the sun. I’m so impressed with the Lil Cracka products that I am contemplating purchasing another bed for inside as well as a couple of Rain Coats. Keep producing great product guys. D

Lilcraka's 3 x 3 Gazebo Mat - Nailed it pawfectly

By: on 21 December 2023
I recently purchased and received Lilcraka's Gazebo Mat, 3m x 3m, Purple Checkers & Paws Pattern. What an outstanding product! I love it so much, I bought another 2 (different colours)! It's great being a repeat customer for an Aussie small business. Well done Kay and Team Lilcracka!

Dog Rain Coat

By: on 4 May 2023
I have been looking for so long for a dog rain coat that has neck coverage and i have finally found it. Its exactly what i have been looking for and its great quality. 10/10

It's a Lilcracka!

By: on 18 July 2022
Looking, looking, looking....FOUND IT! My homework certainly paid off in preparation for the birth and arrival of my BFF, a German Shepherd Dog (GSD), sometime next year. Purchased two XL beds - one permanently for the kennel and the other for everywhere else. Excellent packaging and arrived in rural WA from Qld with no damage whatsoever. IMHO, best product I've looked at and they will probably outlast me. lol. Thanks Kay and Team Lilcracka!

Wow how quick was that

By: on 27 January 2022
Ordered Vet beds on 19/1 and they arrived in Warrnambool 27/1. Thanks so much Kay for the speedy order and sending a quick delivery QLD to country Victoria.

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